Key Stage 1

Our Key Stage 1 Learning Challenges.



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Why are humans not like tigers?

Why does it get dark earlier in winter?

How do the seasons impact on what we do?

What has changes since my grandparents were young?

What is our local area like?

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What do aliens think of life on planet Earth?

How do the seasons impact on what we do?

How have buildings changed through the ages?

Why can’t a meerkat live at the North Pole?

Riding   changing-seasons-clipart-3  transport  double-decker-bus120223b


Which plants and birds would Little Red Riding Hood find in our school grounds?

How do the seasons impact on what we do?

How did people travel in the past?

Where do and did the wheels on the bus go?


Kids-Running  school- queen     british-flag


How could you be the next Jessica Ennis?

What is our school made from?

What was it like when the Queen came to the throne in 1953?

Where in the world was the British Empire?

cartoon-pterodactyl   grt fire   salad1       Dora_A


Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet?

Why were Florence Nightingale and Samuel Pepys brave people?

How can we grow our own salad?

What would Dora the Explorer find exciting about Bolton?

salad2   blpol seaside  azt   10281409-Frame-with-a-Mexican-and-symbols-of-Mexico-


How can we grow our own salad? (continued)

What was Blackpool like in the past?

Why do we love to be beside the seaside?

How did the Aztecs make their gardens float?

Where would you prefer to live – England or Mexico?

There is no specific Reading Scheme used in Early Years and KS1. Children select from a range of schemes including Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Rockets, Songbird Phonics, Dandelion and Project X.

The Phonics Scheme delivered in school is mainly Letters and Sounds, supplemented by Jolly Phonics materials.

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